My Story so Far

Welcome back to my website. Ten years ago, I stepped off a plane in San Diego after an entire life lived in the Northeast ready for a new adventure and I have had many, many adventures since then! My name is Brenda Panneton. The first adventure involved learning to play the guitar, writing my own songs, and eventually performing them around San Diego. I met many people that I have and continue to collaborate with musically. My second adventure involves painting. Just like my music, I have never had any formal training, but I began painting and before I knew it I had a show and even sold a few paintings at shows and museums along the way! My third adventure, and I believe a merging of the first two adventures, is my discovery of expressive arts. Expressive arts,  in it's simpliest terms, is where a person uses different mediums such as drawing, painting, journaling, singing, playing an instrument, movement, and dance to learn about their true essence. Without even realizing it, a person can discover key aspects about problems they may be having, roadblocks they have built up to keep them from reaching their full potential by looking at and feeling what they have expressed. The art becomes a mirror. I am now an expressive arts teacher teaching people of all ages that creativity is a natural birthright. It has and always will be there and it heals.

My menu has changed as my story continues. I have become a drug and alcohol counselor as well as an author completely dedicated to educating the public in what addiction is and how recovery works. Everything, my music, my art, my books, my education, and my life experiences have merged to express to the world that our truth, our whole truth should be freed to save ourselves, to save each other. Addiction is an epidemic in this country and when you understand that for every person addicted at least 7-10 others have been deeply affected by their disorder, you can see why I feel such a calling to reach out.


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